We are ‘Going Local’ are you?

We are ‘Going Local’ are you?

How many companies out there are doing their bit supporting a charity which seems to hit all the right cords, but actually when you look a little bit closer it really doesn’t?

You know you want to give back, but how can you decide? Is it the charity who doggedly calls and won’t leave you alone until you make a donation? Is it one where you have been bombarded with sad pictures of suffering animals that draws you in?.. Let’s face it they are all deserving causes, but how can you choose? Well maybe this will help.

This year our marketing strategy included focusing on broadening our local business reach and developing our community involvement. Local businesses everywhere are suffering so we need to actively pull together and help each other out. Our printing and much of our procurement is now locally sourced and where possible our own customers benefit as well. Seems logical, but all too often convenience, purchase history, favourite companies etc. all come in to play. We all do it.

Traditionally we support a number of charities, often without serious consideration year on year. This is good for the charity, but doesn’t allow for others whose approach may be softer to maintain their much needed services. So a rotation of support is a good option. Decide on your local or national charity and rotate the support you give annually.

This year we are delighted to announce our recent collaboration with an excellent local charity, Rennie Grove. Merry Wright wrote:
…. I am so delighted that you have chosen to support Rennie Grove, I am really looking forward to building up a great relationship and working on lots of things together going forward.”

Becoming involved with the Corporate Patron Programme at Rennie Grove sits perfectly with our current marketing strategy, to broaden our local business reach and community involvement.
Presenting an upbeat message for this kind of charity is difficult. They are not about saving cuddly rabbits and dogs, but about giving comfort, help and peace of mind to thousands when no one else will. A friend in the background to call upon with medical expertise and provide respite care at home to those most in need. More and more like minded people, carers and patrons, are giving their time and money to benefit the community they live and work in. Companies are looking more closely at local charities such as Rennie to fund, even if it’s not with regular donations, because they can see and appreciate the difference it has made to the friends and families around them.

So if you haven’t yet made the decision to support a charity but intend to, join us this year and ‘Go Local’.
For more information or an informal chat call Merry Wright at Rennie Grove on: 01442 820731, she would love to hear from you!