Most businesses are aware of the name BT and their link to telephone line installation and connection, but also as a telephone system supplier. However, since privatisation in the 1980’s BTs role has changed. Dealing with BTs different departments and multiple call centre staff can be very frustrating and as a business owner or manager often non-productive.

Now businesses and consumers buy their telephone systems from a range of suppliers whose engineer’s cable and install internally. They will order all line and network requirements via Openreach. BT Openreach do not deal with customers directly, only approved providers like Green telecom or BT retail.

With over 9500 telecoms companies in the UK only 4.2% are approved BT Openreach Telecoms Providers. Green Telecom have held provider status for over 13 years, successfully linking their customers to the networks.

Line installation copy pic coloured

So when it comes to the infrastructure, no matter which provider you choose, BT Openreach will be required to install new lines, diagnose faults or complete repairs. However, BT Openreach must offer the same SLA’s to all approved BT Openreach Telecoms Providers. Therefore when you require new lines the installation time/date is always dictated by BT Openreach, not BT Retail or your provider.

Having supported our customer base for over 25 years, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that your business can benefit from. With a dedicated account manager and a technical team available to diagnose line or system faults remotely means your questions, queries or issues are handled fast and efficiently via a quick phone call or email.

Whether you require new lines, Fibre broadband or a more efficient telephone system, we can help. We also offer all our customers reduced line charges and call rates, specifically designed for the needs of their business.