Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and in general any harm that our work may have on the local and regional environment.

• Our green strategy and procedures are designed to ensure employees, visitors and suppliers understand the consequences of their actions and potential impact on the environment.
• Within the limitations of our service, we continually strive to operate our business in an environmentally friendly way.
• Working towards full ISO14001 accreditation, the team consistently reassess new processes which will further enhance our approval status.
• Currently, we reuse or recycle all of our incoming packaging materials, trade waste and minimise our use of paper. We ensure all electrical waste, such as old telephone systems, are removed from clients’ premises and disposed of in compliance with the WEEE directives.

Since 2008 Green Telecom have traded as carbon positive by over offsetting the carbon footprint created from our operations with the introduction and management of a tree planting programme.

• The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme is central to the UK’s strategy for controlling and reducing CO2 emissions.
• Green Telecom are committed to helping organisations meet their telecom CRC whilst saving them money.

We do not believe that going green should cost organisations more.

So how can you make a difference?

By switching your telephone lines to green telecom, you will be contributing towards our offsetting projects in the UK and overseas.

  • Reduced line and call charges.

Green Phone Calls

Green Telecom are working with carriers and suppliers to calculate carbon offset costs for all telephone calls made on their networks. Having your calls routed through these green phone suppliers costs you no more, but a percentage is paid to support ongoing offset projects and carbon reduction programmes.

Offsetting Projects

Our Offset project in 2008 and 2009 (in addition to our UK tree planting programme) was a wind energy project in Harshnath, India. The objective was primarily the development of a reliable, renewable source of power to reduce their dependency on existing fossil fuel based electricity generation. However, it also met additional objectives:

  • The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through renewable technology.
  • Reduced the average emissions, effluent and solid waste intensity in the system.
  • Conserved natural resources: land, forests, minerals, water and ecosystems.
  • Developed the local economy creating more jobs, particularly in poor rural areas.
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The total estimated reductions from this carbon offset project was 16,591 tonnes of CO2. Since 2010 we have focused our support primarily in the UK, concentrating on expanding our tree planting programme.