Telephone Lines

Telephone lines

As an Approved Openreach supplier we can takeover, install and maintain all types of telephone lines across the UK.

Telephone Numbers.


Green Telecom provide a full range of virtual, non-geographic telephone numbers.

Number provision is not just restricted to the UK, as our range covers countries around the world. This is in addition to our standard business telephone number service.

The benefits are huge:

• For example, your business may be located in Watford (01923), but we can supply a telephone number in Central London (0207) or Glasgow (0141).
• We will research availability for you and provide a selection of possible numbers to choose from.
• This solution is ideal for businesses that want to give a local presence without the need for traditional bricks and mortar premises within each town or city.
• The Remote Call Forwarding numbers are virtual telephone numbers, which means that there are no expensive line rentals or installation fees to pay.
• By Diverting the numbers to your existing landline or to your mobile, means that you will never need to miss a call again.
• Set up is quick and easy and you can change where your out of area number calls are delivered to free.
• Fully itemised billing is provided and all you pay is a small set up fee (£15), rental (£12.50) and calls received are charged at 3p per minute to landlines and 17.5p per minute to mobiles.

Whatever your needs, It’s a straight forward process. Just call us and we will advise you on the best option, sort out the number and manage the installation for you.

Freephone Now

 Types of telephone numbers available?

•  0800 & 0808 Freephone numbers.

We provide both 0800 & 0808 Freephone numbers, which seem to be more popular than ever. The call is free to the caller when dialling from a landline, however mobile operators generally charge a higher rate, but this is about to change in June 2015 this year. Link with our Facebook and twitter sites to be officially notified. Inbound charges will apply to calls received.

•  0333 Numbers

Charged at the same call rates as standard UK 01 & 02 geographic numbers. 0333 numbers are becoming very popular as one of the most customer friendly options. The caller pays a standard national call charge, which means they are included in bundles and inclusive minute packages from mobile and landline operators. Inbound charges will apply to calls received.

•  0300 numbers

0300 number ranges have been purposely restricted for the exclusive use of public sector organisations and charities. As with all 03 number ranges, the caller is charged at the same call rates as standard UK 01 & 02 geographic numbers, with calls included in bundles and inclusive minute packages from mobile and landline operators. Inbound charges will apply to calls received.

•  01 & 02 UK City Codes

We can provide virtual area code numbers for most towns & cities within the UK, and we have a huge range of available numbers to choose from. These numbers provide you with a virtual presence in any location in the UK without the need to have a brick and mortar office or a physical landline. Your customer pays a normal local or national call charge. Inbound charges apply to calls received.

•  International City Codes.

We can provide virtual area code numbers for many international towns & cities around the world. These numbers allow users the ability to have a virtual presence in locations abroad without needing a physical office or landline. The caller pays a normal local or national call charge. Inbound charges apply to calls received, with rates specific to each location.

•  International Freephone numbers.

We can provide Freephone numbers for many countries worldwide, allowing the ability to have a virtual presence in locations abroad without needing a physical office or landline. The call is free to the caller from a landline, however some mobile network operators may charge. Inbound charges apply to calls received, with the price being specific to each location

Basic Analogue Lines:

Analogue technology has been around for decades. It is the process of translating an audio signal, the human voice, into electronic pulses along a pair of copper wires. As analogue technology is limited as to how much data it can carry they are mainly suitable for standard phones, fax and modems, small office or home environments and not data transfer, as the maximum bandwidth available is only 56K.

For a small business analogue lines are still a cost effective voice communications option and a means to send and receive fax communications, monitor an alarm and of course to support entry level broadband connections.

If you require:

•  A more flexible range of functions on your telephone system.

•  Need to send data.

•  Have more than four people accessing the telephone system at one time.

Then we would advise you look at digital ISDN lines or SIP lines (VoIP) as a more flexible option for your communication needs.

Call an advisor for a chat on: 0800 9555 300

SIP Trunks / VOIP

The latest telephone lines on the market are called SIP Trunks or VOIP Lines. These are telephone lines that are delivered and work over a broadband connection.

The most important consideration is the internet connectivity to your building as this will determine how many (if any) SIP trunks can be provided.

Often this will be a dedicated connection from your provider to assure voice quality. As SIP trunks are provided via an internet connection they are exchange independent. This means you can keep your existing numbers, even when moving outside your current exchange area and costly divert options are avoided.
Sip trunks can often be deployed quicker and offer a lower rental than traditional ISDN services with the benefit of enhanced disaster recovery options. Deploying SIP trunking can be a big step towards simplifying your organisation’s telecommunications and preparing for the latest real-time communications enhancements. However, the biggest motivation for most organisations is immediate and substantial cost savings.

Key Benefits of switching to SIP trunks:

Flexible and scalable communications
SIP trunks can be provided from two to a thousand lines as required. Additional lines can be activated in a matter of hours, rather than weeks as with ISDN, providing connection bandwidth permits.
• Eliminate a redundant network
Deploying SIP trunking is a logical step towards the goal of having a single converged IP-based network, rather than separate telephone and data networks.
• Eliminate costly line rentals
With SIP trunks you can dispense with costly Analogue or ISDN line rentals and replace them with a service that can cost significantly less.
• SIP connectivity
A SIP trunk can be deployed over any internet connection that may or may not share bandwidth with other IP traffic. However, using a connection designed to support and assure the SIP service can typically carry the most simultaneous calls and offers the highest security and reliability.

To find out the best options for your company

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ISDN2 Digital lines

This is a voice and data communication line.

It is always provided as a pair of lines (2 channels).
Further connections can be provided up to maximum of 30 pairs (60 channels) which will increase the number of simultaneous connections and or available bandwidth. It also means as your business grows, your communications will grow with you.
Call quality with an ISDN2 line will nearly always be clearer and sharper than a standard phone line.
Each ISDN2 circuit offers speeds of up to 128kbps for data connections.
Can be combined with other circuits to provide additional bandwidth as required.

ISDN2 lines are only provided on copper wire connections and are distance limited from your telephone exchange.

ISDN30 Digital Lines

•  ISDN30 allows you to connect between eight and thirty channels on a single circuit.

•  These can either be used separately, allowing multiple calls to be made and taken or combined to increase bandwidth for data applications.

•  Further capacity can be made available by combining multiple ISDN30 circuits to offer up to 1000 channels.

•  ISDN30 connections can be used with a variety of digital switch or phone systems to manage your calls more effectively.

•  Your lines can be combined to cater for high bandwidth needs such as video conferencing (both parties in a video-conferencing session need ISDN access and compatible equipment) or for transferring large files.

ISDN30 is also supported by most exchanges and although provision on copper wire is distance limited from the telephone exchange, it can also be provided via other media connections like fibre so it is available in all areas.


Is ISDN2 or ISDN30 right for me?


As a rule of thumb the number of required channels will determine if ISDN2 or ISDN30 is the best solution.

• More than 8 Channels will often make ISDN30 the most appropriate solution.

It is important to note though that In the event of a physical line fault affecting the copper wire, only the faulty circuit (2 lines) will go down with ISDN2, allowing continued use for the rest of the unaffected channels. However, with an ISDN30 connection all channels would be affected in the same event until the fault was resolved.


Installation and Rental Prices

Telephone Line installation and rental pricing:

Analogue Lines Installation Monthly Rental Saving v BT Retail
Per Line (Business) £99.00 £12.99 42%
Digital Lines (ISDN2) Installation Monthly Rental Saving v BT Retail
2 Channels £249.00 £27 50%
4 Channels £498.00 £54 50%
6 Channels £747.00 £81 50%
8 Channels £996.00 £108 50%
Digital Lines (ISDN30) Installation Monthly Rental Saving v BT Retail
8 Channels (Minimum) £962.85 £108 42%
10 Channels £976.50 £135 42%
12 Channels £990.15 £162 42%
14 Channels £1,003.80 £189 42%
16 Channels £1,017.45 £216 42%
18 Channels £1,031.10 £243 42%
20 Channels £1,044.75 £270 42%
22 Channels £1,058.40 £297 42%
24 Channels £1,072.05 £324 42%
26 Channels £1,085.70 £351 42%
28 Channels £1,099.35 £378 42%
30 Channels (Maximum) £1,113.00 £405 42%

 Prices correct as of 1st March 2017

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