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iPECS Standard Handset User Guides

iPECS Standard Handset User Guides

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Horizon Admin User Guide

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Glossary of Telecom and IT terms

Within Telecoms and IT there are many abbreviations/jargon used to describe products or services. Here are a few explained.




Automatic Call Distribution –

The system used to distribute calls through to those responsible for answering.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line –

Another name for broadband with different upload and download speeds.


Basic Rate Access-

Another name for ISDN2 Digital phone lines.


Central Control Unit –

The box on the wall that runs your phone system.


Calling Line Identity –

Your phone number.


Carrier Pre Selection –

A service where you can pre select who carries your phone calls on your BT line.


Computer Telephony Integration –

Linking your PC and phone together.


Digital Access Signalling System –

An old type of signalling used on phone lines now replaced with a Euro version.


Direct Dial Inwards –

Used so people from outside can dial straight through to your phone and bypass the switchboard.


Digital Private Network Signalling System –

A name given to signals used between 2 phone systems.


Dual Tone Multi Frequency –

The tones you hear when you make a phone call.


Fax Preference Service –

Stop unwanted faxes (Junk Fax) coming in.


Fibre to the premises –

Installation of optical fibre from the carrier directly into the home or office.


Fibre to the cabinet –

Fibre cable runs from a BT exchange to a street cabinet.


Integrated Services Digital Network –

A name for digital phone lines.


Internet Service Provider –

Who bills you for your broadband is your ISP.


Independent Committee for the Supervision of Telephone Information Services


Local Loop Unbundling –

The ability for other operators to use the cables between the phone exchange and your premises.


Non Geographic Numbers –

Numbers not tied to an area such as 0800 Freephone.


Outgoing Calls Barred –

Stops you dialling out when it is applied to your phones.


Public Switched Telephone Network –

The phone network.


Private Automatic Branch Exchange –

A name for a telephone system.


Private Manual Branch Exchange –

Another name for a telephone system.


Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line –

Another name for broadband with the same upload and download speeds.


Session Initiation Protocol –

Name for signalling when making phone/data calls.


Uninterrupted Power Supply –

Will keep phones working when there is a power cut.


Very high bandwidth DSL –

A very fast internet connection.


Voice Over Internet Protocol –

Making phone calls over the internet instead of over the phone line.


Wide Area Network –

Computers from different buildings linked together.


Call Diversion Codes


Call Diversion Service – User Guide
Never miss another call

Call Diversion lets you divert your calls to another number when you’re away from your phone Call Diversion lets you divert your calls to almost any phone, including your mobile. Call Diversion can also divert calls while you’re on the internet or if you’re on the phone.

Diverting your calls *code*
phone number to divert to#
Checking your diversions *#code#
Switching off #code#

Codes – 21 divert all calls – 61 divert calls you don’t answer within 15 seconds – 67 divert calls when your phone is engaged

Other Services

  • Call Waiting – Tells you when other callers are trying to get through – Switch on *43# Cancel #43#
  • Call Barring Incomming- To bar all calls to your phone – Set Up *261# Cancel #261#
  • Call Barring Outgoing – To bar calls made from your phone – Set Up *34Code# – Cancel #34Code*PIN#

Codes are: 1 All Calls, 2 National / International / Mobile, 3 International, 4 Operator / BT Text, 5 * and #, 7 Premium Rate

Please note 999 and 112 Emergency services are never barred

  • Anonymous Call Rejection – Stops calls from people who withhold their number- Set up *227# Cancel #227#
  • Choose to Refuse – Stops nuisance or unwanted calls by stopping them calling you again. You can block up to 10 numbers – To bar the last call you answered dial 14258 then ** to confirm.


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