Leased Line London

Leased Lines in London for Business

The UK’s best value 100Mb – 10Gb Ethernet Leased Line Circuits

Since 2002, the number of internet users across the world has skyrocketed by over 500%. Customer now expect reliable website and internet services. With increasing numbers of consumers shopping on line, businesses are seeing the benefits of an ecommerce site. With this comes the need for a more robust network connection that can handle high volume traffic.

This is not just an ecommerce requirement as a reliable internet connection is also vital if you’re:

  • Running a CRM system.
  • Streaming video.
  • Running your voice calls over your data network.
  • Regularly uploading, sending or receiving large files.

This is where a Leased line can really benefit your business. Unlike standard broadband connections, where you share bandwidth with others, the bandwidth on a Leased Line is exclusively yours. What’s more, the speed (or bandwidth) is guaranteed, so it won’t slow down, even at peak times. Add the ability to flex your bandwidth up or down, with prior notice, and the benefits of a leased line start to add up.

Naturally, these services cost more than a typical broadband connection, but there are key benefits such as:

  • Consistent speeds.
  • Network exclusivity.
  • Service level agreements
  • Priority maintenance back up

All of which may be crucial to the management and future growth of your business.