Fibre Broadband, Productivity and Customer Loyalty

Fibre Broadband, Productivity and Customer Loyalty

Why Fibre Broadband can Improve Productivity and Customer Loyalty.

The key driver for mobile operator churn is the quality of service, according to Ovum’s global survey 2014. With over 37% of global consumers citing their reason for changing provider as being a poor connection speed, offering fibre broadband has become key to maintaining customer loyalty in this sector.

How we do business has changed dramatically over the past decade with remote working and real time reporting now being the norm.

  • The importance of consistent uninterrupted connection speeds for all business users across all platforms is therefore crucial.
  • It underpins all aspects of business operation from application access, cloud-based software, downloading/uploading large files and research to video conferencing and telecom communication services.
  • Reduced bandwidths due to peaks in traffic are no longer acceptable and as consumer usage increases, with the popularity of ecommerce and social media, standard ADSL analogue connections are proving totally inadequate for business use.

Enhancing customer experience is high on the agenda now, so how customers interact with your web based services is crucial to maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • If employee tasks are mainly web based, then the bottom line is faster downloading and uploading will improve efficiency and company productivity.
  • With remote working, multiple office sites and customer preferencing online screen collaboration, the need for video conferencing over a reliable fast network is key.

Service options for the majority of businesses now point to Fibre broadband and leased lines.

  • Both options carry a one off installation cost and a monthly service charge.
  • However, a private leased line will set you back more than a fibre broadband line, but unlike standard broadband connections, where you share bandwidth with others, the bandwidth on a Leased Line is exclusively yours.
  • What’s more, the speed (or bandwidth) is guaranteed, so it won’t slow down, even at peak times.
  • Add the ability to flex your bandwidth up or down, with prior notice, and the benefits of a leased line start to add up.

Naturally, these services cost more than a typical broadband connection, but there are key benefits such as:

  • Consistent speeds.
  • Network exclusivity.
  • Service level agreements.
  • Priority maintenance back up

If  your needs are smaller and you are just looking for a decent, reliable connection then fibre broadband will be the solution for you.

  • Its up to nine times faster than the original copper to wire network used for standard broadband and is an attractive option for most businesses.

If you are a small business, there is some good news. You can get financial help with upgrading to Fibre broadband or a leased line from the government broadband initiative. The scheme applies to certain cities in the UK so you do have to check eligibility, but that’s where we can help.

With up to £800 off fibre and up to £3000 off a leased line it’s certainly worth checking out.


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