0800 numbers truly Free to call at last

0800 numbers truly Free to call at last

Calling 0800 numbers from a mobile will soon cost nothing.

Last year, 60% of calls came from mobiles* so, from July 2015, a Freephone number will be THE business number to use. Why? Offering a complimentary call:

» Brings in more sales

» Shows you care about your customer service

» With no set-up or connection fees, it’s cheaper and easier than you think.

Call us today on 0800 9555 300 and have your 0800 number set up in minutes.

*Ofcom Communications Market Report 2014

As a founding company member in 1989, Steve brought a wealth of experience in telecom system installations and sales. Prior to this he successfully completed an engineering apprenticeship at BT and established his career as a qualified industry engineer. Steve has developed many of G.T. strategies and policies which has led to the constant growth of the company.