5 good reasons businesses move away from BT?

5 good reasons businesses move away from BT?

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Since privatisation in 1984, how are BT and the services of Openreach viewed?

Recently the UK Competitive Telecommunications Association (UKCTA) commissioned a study by YouGov to measure and understand consumer and business customers’ perceptions and attitudes towards BT’s Openreach division.

This study showed:-

  • Awareness of the Openreach name is generally high, but there are much lower levels of awareness of what Openreach actually does; many were confused over who is actually responsible when things go wrong with their broadband or telephone service.
  • 59% of business customers indicated they would not consider switching their services to BT;
  • More than a quarter of business customers believe that the services available to them are restricted by Openreach and many refer to the lack of competition in the market.
  • Although the majority of customers understand that Openreach is responsible for providing and repairing broadband infrastructure, the majority of consumers blame their service provider not Openreach when problems occur with their service.
All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.

So for many businesses the confusion over who does what and the percieved effect it could have on their business if they moved away from BT has ultimately stopped them from changing suppliers.  Many put up with repeatedly making time consuming calls, in an effort to fix line and broadband issues or to order new lines and other products, especially SME’s, on the basis of this percieved risk to their business.

So hopefully this article will help.

  • All lines are managed by BT Openreach no matter which supplier you use,  your network will remain the same. Your line and broadband supplier will manage any line problems that arise for you. So no call queuing or holding on for hours, just a single call to your customer service department and they will do the rest.

Within green Telecom:

  1. Our call and line charges are guaranteed to be lower than BT- it’s been a key difference for over 20 years.
  2. Our friendly UK customer service department consistently answers calls within the first three rings and over 90% of issues are resolved on that first call – check our customer references for examples here.
  3. All lines and service ordering is managed by our teams, so you don’t have to book or chase, we do that for you.
  4. We work closely with all our customers providing installation dates and times that will fit in with you.
  5. Moving your lines and broadband to Green Telecom is very straight forward, one call and we will do the rest for you….It’s like having your own communication department but without the cost.

To find out more call free on 0800 014 9948 or visit our website: www.green telecom.co.uk